Green Smoothie Girl Review

We’re not sure if you’ve ever heard of “The Green Smoothie Girl”, but you are definitely going to want to get familiar with this lady. Her name is Robyn Openshaw-Pay and she has created a fabulous & comprehensive program called 12 Steps To Whole Foods that teaches people how to significantly improve their health by incorporating whole foods into their diets.


Her 12 Steps to Whole Foods Manual is as the title explains, a 12 step program in which you will incorporate one new technique and habit each month. This resource indentifies the problems that the Standard American Diet creates and gives you step by step instructions as well as over 150 recipes incorporating these techniques.

We know that you will find this an invaluable resource and go as far as to say that if you could only pick one book to dramatically improve the health of your family, THIS IS IT!

When our family incorporated her program some of the things we noticed right away were: no more irritable bowel & digestion problems, more energy and focus through out the day, clearer skin, better sleeping patterns, and our children seemed to stop catching what all the other kids were catching.

The reason she is known as the Green Smoothie Girl is because step number one in her book is to drink a green smoothie every day! Of course if you have been following our site, you would know that although sometimes these drinks are green, they do taste great and even kids will love them.

There is so much to learn and for must of us, it’s hard to find the time to do all the research ourselves. That is why I love this program.  Robyn has done so much of the research for us and has compiled it into one easy to read manual.

We have found that through our own research, Robyn’s program has been very consistent with other authority figures on each specific subject that she talks about and if the above information isn’t reason enough to purchase her program, then let us mention that being a mother of four, Robyn understands the challenges of creating food that children will eat and love.  In fact, she was able to cure her son of severe asthma that developed shortly after birth, which doctors said would require high levels of steroids through out his life, just by diet alone. He is now a tall, healthy and highly athletic young man who continues to thrive without a single dose of steroids each day.

If you are interested in learning more about Robyn’s “12 Step Program to Whole Foods”, you can  CLICK HERE. Additionally, you can find Robyn’s best selling book “The Green Smoothies Diet” by CLICKING HERE.

If you like what you find, please be sure to come back and leave us a message.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Green Smoothie Recipe

Really when it comes to making green smoothies, anything goes however not all are made equal and there are some simple guidelines that will help make them not only taste great but be healthier for you.

For example, sweetening the smoothie with (in our order of preference:) dried fruits, honey, sucanat, true agave or stevia are going to be much healthier alternatives than pure refined white sugar. Even better would be adding the right fruit ingredients so you don’t have to add sweeteners at all.

So here is our Basic Blueprint for Making Green Smoothies:


Adding in the following order:


½ to 1 C                     Water             (could use Coconut Water)

2 C                              Greens            (packed full, spinach is the most mild & can’t taste it)

Any super food, dried fruit or hard nut additions you want to add

(e.g. flax oil, chia seeds, nuts, goji berries, dates, figs)


Blend the above till smooth then add:


2 Whole                      Fresh fruits    (1 Banana & 1 Apple, Pear, Mango or Pineapples slices.   (Banana provides the most sweetness)

1,1/2 to 2 C                 Frozen fruits (Blackberry, raspberry, blueberry mix makes it purple)

Optional                     Yogurt (¼ C), Kefir (1-2 TB) or Avocado (1/2)

Optional                     Sweetener of choice (1TB)


Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Your goal is at least 50% greens but you can start out with more fruit and less greens and then work your way up. For children you will probably have to start out with more fruit as well.

Yogurt, kefir or avocados are great additions to add some healthy fats & silkiness to the smoothie.

We hope you try these recipes out, experiment, switch them up and create your own. If you’d like to learn more about super foods that can greatly enhance your smoothies as well as additional recipes, check out the best selling book by Robin Openshaw (The Green Smoothie Girl) called “The Green Smoothies Diet” by Clicking Here.

Or you can get the Kindle version by clicking on the image below.

Top Ten: Reasons We Think You Should Be Drinking Green Smoothies!

Welcome to our site dedicated to providing you information about green smoothies and whole food eating.

Although we cannot lay claim to the name of “The Green Smoothie Girl”, we like to think that we are her biggest fans and recognize the value of incorporating a Green Smoothie into ones diet every day.

To show our love for green smoothies, we have created this list of the:

Top Ten Reasons We Think You Should Be Drinking Green Smoothies:

  1. If Done Right, Green Smoothies Taste Awesome! People more often than not are surprised at how great they taste regardless of the green colour.
  2. 15 Whole Servings of Fruits and Vegetables! In just one quart of delicious green smoothie you will receive more servings of fruits & vegetables than is recommended by the American Food Guide.
  3. It Contains Lots of Essential Fiber! Which is contrary to fruit & veggie juices because they contain the whole food (whole pear,spinach or berry as opposed to the fibre being filtered out.
  4. A mere 150 Calories in a quart of green smoothie allows you to eat all the other foods you love during your day.
  5. Kids Will Drink Them! It’s a challenge getting kids to eat vegetables and green smoothies is a great way to get vegetables in without ever being noticed.
  6.  Less than 10 Minutes to prepare! You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can throw everything into the blender, not to mention that clean up is a snap!
  7. Easy to digest and absorb! By blending them with a good quality blender, you quite literally rupture each cell wall making the nutrients readily available for absorption creating less of a demand on ones digestive system as a whole.
  8. Variety, variety Variety! With so many different green vegetables and such a large variety of fruits available to us in stores & at markets today,  the nutrient, as well as flavour combo’s seem endless.
  9. Relatively Low Cost! Fresh greens and fruits are relatively inexpensive, and can be reduced in cost even more buy fruits in season and freeze them by yourself as well as if you grow a garden of your own.
  10. Loads of Nutrition! Green smoothies have nutrient dense written all over them. They are full of good minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients as well as antioxidants known to help prevent cancer and fight against other common illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, as well as others brought on by the Standard American Diet.

If you have enjoyed this list then please stay tuned for other recipe ideas, best blender information, and our up coming review of the Green Smoothie Girl coming soon.


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